• if you change your address or telephone number, tell us within 14 days.
  • if you change your name, tell us within 14 days.


  • all notices and statements given to you in person or left at, or sent to your address as stated overleaf or your present or last known address shall be considered validly given. If sent by prepaid first class post they shall be considered received by you within 2 working days after posting.
  • if two or more people are named as the customer, the liability of each shall be joint and several. This means that each person can be fully responsible for all responsibilities set out in this agreement.
  • you have seen and read, prior to signing this agreement, the Pre-Contract Information and Adequate Explanation, and the credit received is for your personal use.


  • be entitled to a rebate in accordance with Section 95 of the Act if you repay early in part or in full.due, the amount and any conditions relating to the repayment of the instalment and a breakdown of each instalment showing how much comprises i) capital repayment ii) interest payment, and iii) if applicable, any other charges.


  • to have any or all of your payments under this agreement collected by us or someone acting on our behalf from your home or the home of a person making payment on your behalf and may instruct us to undertake such collection at any time.
  • to a statement of account showing details of each instalment owing under the agreement, the date on which instalment isand default data. These records may be accessed by other lenders or third parties who will use it for the purposes of credit assessment, debt tracing, fraud and money laundering prevention.
  • to enable us to contact you using any of the contact information (email, telephone, SMS) you have provided for this purpose.


  • to pay the Lender the instalments set out overleaf, either by Direct Debit, CPA (see CPA section) or by home collection.
  • that as this is a ‘home collected’ credit agreement a representative may call on you in your home to collect repayments if you exercise your right to home collection or to make enquiries if you are in default.

YOUR DATA may be used

  • in accordance with the Privacy Notice you have previously signed your agreement to, when required by law or where permitted by Regulation (EU) 2016/679, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • to manage your account and make collections/trace you.
  • to search your records at Credit Reference Agencies and Fraud Prevention Agencies and make reports to such agencies of your loan account including positive, delinquent and default data. These records may be accessed by other lenders or third parties who will use it for the purposes of credit assessment, debt tracing, fraud and money laundering prevention.
  • to enable us to contact you using any of the contact information (email, telephone, SMS) you have provided for this purpose.
  • If we transfer, charge or assign this agreement or if we use a third party to manage any aspect of this agreement we may pass your information to them.
  • You have the right to:
    • access the information we hold about you
    • ask us to make changes to your information to make sure it is accurate/up to date
    • ask us to stop or limit processing or delete your information
    • receive your information in a format that suits you
    • transfer your information to a third party.


  • acting reasonably end the agreement, after giving any written notice required by law, if:
    1. you fail to keep any part of the agreement.
    2. you commit an act of bankruptcy (such as failing to pay a debt as ordered by a court)
    3. you have given false information in connection with this agreement.
  • if we temporarily relax the terms of the agreement at anytime, decide to enforce the terms strictly again.
  • allow another person to take over our part of the agreement. That person will then take over all rights and responsibilities under this agreement.

Continuous Payment Authority (CPA)

  • a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA), is your ongoing consent to us collecting payments from your nominated bank account. We will collect repayments under the CPA if you consent to this, and we have agreed with you that this will be the method of repayment.
  • if we are unable to collect a payment on a due date, we will make one further attempt on the next working day. If we are still unable to process a payment after a second attempt, we will contact you to find out why payment has not been made and agree alternative payment arrangements with you.
  • you can cancel your CPA at anytime by contacting us or by cancelling it with your bank.
  • We will not attempt to take part-payments using CPA without your express authority to do so.


In the event that the address you have specified overleaf is within Scotland or Northern Ireland, the Credit Agreement shall be subject to Scottish law or Northern Irish law as applicable and the Courts of Scotland or Northern Ireland shall have jurisdiction to deal with any proceeding relating to the Credit Agreement. Otherwise the Credit Agreement shall be deemed to be made in England and shall be subject to English law and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


Supervisory Authority (under the Act)

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA),
12 Endeavour Square,
London E20 1JN

All complaints should be made to us in the first instance and those we cannot resolve may be referred by you to:

The Financial Ombudsman
Service Exchange Tower,
E14 9SR
Tel: 08000 234 567

Data – how to find out more

If you have any concerns about how we process your information or wish to exercise your rights over your information, please contact us using our contact details provided.

For full written details of how your data may be used by Credit Reference Agencies please contact them using the details below:

TransUnion International UK Limited
One Park Lane,
Tel: 0330 024 7574 or
email: consumer@transunion.co.uk

Equifax Ltd
Customer Service Centre
PO Box 10036,
Tel: 0333 321 4043 or
0800 014 2955 or
email UKDPO@equifax.com

PO BOX 9000,
NG80 7WP
Tel: 0344 481 0800 or
0800 013 8888


Promoting high standards of business and consumer relations in the home credit industry

The Consumer Credit Association represents the majority of businesses in the Home Credit industry and is the focal point for contact by government, local authorities, other finance sector representative bodies, the media and consumer groups who have an interest in the industry. The Association has around 500 full and associate members who range from large public limited companies to small firms, operating at a local level within the community.

The Home Credit industry relies on personal relationships with its customers. Home Credit businesses provide credit services primarily in the form of cash loans or the sale of consumer goods or gift vouchers on credit. Repayments are typically on a weekly basis. Loan and credit sale agreements are usually transacted in the consumer’s own home or the creditor’s local office.


The Association has a Code of Practice to which ALL its members must subscribe.

If you would like a copy of the Consumer Credit Association Code of Practice or information about your rights as a consumer in relation to this agreement, contact:


85b Bowen Court,
St. Asaph Business Park,
LL17 0JE
Telephone 01244 394760
E-mail cca@ccauk.org

FC102 (DISTANCE) 03/20


The copyright of this agreement belongs to C.C.A. (U.K.) ADVISORY SERVICES LIMITED a company registered in England and Wales. Co. Number: 1441617.
Registered Office: 85b Bowen Court, St. Asaph Business Park, ST. ASAPH, LL17 0JE
“Consumer Credit Association” is a trading name of “CONSUMER CREDIT ASSOCIATION (UK) LIMITED”. Registered in England and Wales. Co. Number: 11969105. Registered Office: as above.
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